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Car report Volvo S60

Technical Data:
Our Version of the S60 has 200 horse-power, 5 cylinders multipoint fuel injection engine, 2453cc engine capacity, compression rate 9.0:1, the topspeed is 143 mph. The accelaration is 7,6 seconds from 0 to 63 mph.

The handling of the Volvo S60 was sheer, or at least, near perfection and floating around in the powerful, quiet and smooth Volvo was akin to being wafted around on the clouds of your own sweet dream. In fact, so quiet and so smooth was the Volvo that oft times I nearly forgot to change gear! And that's an action not to be missed. the gear change is sharp and responsive and all happens via a coolly fashionable stick. The cloud factor is also enhance via the cruise control which can handily be accessed via controls on the multi-function steering wheel.

Driving in the city:
The bane of every driver's life, traffic is made manageable by the Volvo. We're not talking about blasting through the opposition gridlock with abandon but just the ease which which movement is possible with the Volvo. Easy, but not flabby Powersteering enables you to squeeze also in very narrow parking spots. But be warned: whilst the steering makes you feel like you have total control, the manual version will, via its weighty clutch induce cramp in even the most calf-strong driver. If you live in the city and do most of your driving in stop-start rush-hour traffic it may be advisable to opt for the automatic version.

ICE: In Car Entertainment
The radio includes cd-player and cassette deck. The loudspeakers guarantee clear, defined sound. Even if you are listening to the loud, bass and sub-bass heavy dance music of KissFM in London, the low-end response is tight and focus, the trebles are crisp and the transients from cymbals and such lilke are well portrayed. What is very comfortable is that the radio can be also controlled easily over the multi-function steering wheel, which means no more fiddling around in the middle of the dashboard to try and whack up the bass on some Chemical Brothers remix.

Passengers Comfort:
Heated leather-seats. We can't overstate their worth. Having driven the Volvo in the midst of a typically arctic English summer, these babies are guaranteed to keep your backside toasted. If you do get lucky enough to transport the S60 to somewhere where the sun does shine for more than eight minutes a year then the air conditioning is very easy to handle. In most modern cars the air is quite confusing and starts blowing cold all of a sudden, even if you did try and hit the right buttons - something like a girl I once knew. But in the S60 you can regulate it exactly to your personal needs. For passengers in the back there are special vents between the front and the rear doors which make life more comfortbale for them.

What was a biggest surprise?
How much space you find in the car! The S60 is a sports limousine, but you can pack a lot of luggage in it. The boot is not only very deep, but also very high, so you can fit two suitcases in over each other. Also on the inside, passengers have more than enough space for their legs, so even longer trips are very comfortable.



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