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Car report Opel Vectra 2002

Technical Data:
Opel Vectra 2002, 2.2 DTI Ecotec-Engine, 92 kw, 125 Horsepower, length 180.9 inches, wide 80.1 inches, heighth 57.5 inches, distance between wheels 160.3 inches

On highways it takes a bit of time until you really reached your speed, but then the car is easy and smooth to handle, even when travelling at speeds between 105 and 120 mph. On the way from Germany to Budapest you have to drive across Austria with its speed limits, and there it was very comfortable to have the easygoing cruise control. You simply press a button on the left of the steering wheel and the system is engaged, then just a short tap on the braking pedal and it is switched off again - there is no way to make it easier or more comfortable. The handling of the indicators is something you need to get used to - if you put it up or down, it does not stay but jumps back again. The rear mirrors are dark so that the following cars don´t blind you at night, but it is something you really have to get used to, because with the dark mirrors it is difficult to estimate distances.

Driving in the city:
Power steering on the Opel is light and comfortable and enables you to easily navigate the narrow streets of Budapest. The right wing mirror automatically moves down, as soon as you changed into revrese gear, so that you don't hit the kerbs when you are parking. Also worthy of note are the parking sensors in the front and back of the car on both sides. If you get close to another car or anything else in the front, it beeps at the front of the vehicle, with a similar response from the rear if you're in danger of backing into any obstruction. This helps a lot, especially when reversing thoruogh a narrow street full of parked cars, where normally you would have to be constantly craning your neck to see and avoid potential disaster.

ICE: In Car Entertainment:
It includes radio, CD and navigations system. A real bonus on the Opel is that the cd-changer is located directly in the entertainment compartment, and not like in many other cars in the boot/trunk. With this the passenger is able to change CDs easily when on the road. You don´t have to stop, open the trunk, get out all your luggage, change CDs, replace the luggage and climb aboard once more. A nice surprise was the navigation system - which we nicknamed 'Clara'. The routing worked quickly and was impressively precise, plus you also received information about traffic jams or dangerous situations en route over loudspeakers and on the display. If you press one special button, you get more detailed information about the situation and advice on alternative routes.

Passengers Comfort:
The seats are very comfortable and the backs are flat and not moulded. So, if the passenger lays the seat back, there's a flat surface, which makes having a quick snooze comfortable and more restful than cars with bucket rear seats. The Opel is also well endowed with leg room. One the big benefits is the ability set and save individual seat settings which is a bonus for those who change driver several times during a journey.

The boot is quite spacious for a sedan. It is quite deep and relatively high - so the baggage of a whole family heading on holiday for four weeks would fit in.

What was a biggest surprise?
The surprisingly low levels of fuel, or better diesel, it needed. We really had to carefully consider when and where, or if at all, we needed to refill it. Indeed, we drove the whole long way from Hungary to Germany with only one filling. A very economic diesel - a pleasure for your purse!



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