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Car report Audi A6 2,7 T Avant

Technical Data:
Performace: 184 kw, 250 horsepower, Hubraum: 2671 ccm, 6 cylinders, top speed 154 mph, 6 gears, price: US-$45,000.

Driving overland:
It is absolutely amazing - the A6 2,7 T is pure power. To call it sportscar-like would be something of an understatement. The 250 horses under the hood are a big advantage when you're driving on tiny roads in the countryside and the power and accleration at your dispoal ensures quick and safe overtaking. The car behaves like a real sports car, so driving is incredible fun. On highways, it has the feel of a race car - even if you drive with a speed far over 125 mph it is absolutely safe and the handling is always sure and precise. There is only one disadvantage - if you drive fast, you need a lot of fuel!

Driving in the city:
Also downtown, the A6 is very comfortable to drive. Power steering enables you to squeeze even into tiny parking spots. The view from the inside is very good, so you don´t have any problems with visibility in the busy city traffic.

The A6 offers you everything - radio, cd and even television! But for safety reasons it is only possible to watch TV only when the car stands or is rolling very slowly - but it does offer the perfect entertainment solution when you are caught in a traffic jam! The A6 also features a navigation system and on-board-computer, with displays present behind the steering-wheel.

Comfort of passengers:
In the driver's seat there's the distinct impression that you're behind the wheel of a sports car, but for everyone else it's like riding in a limousine. Comfortable seats feature in-seat heating and there's also tons of space for everyone. The seat backs in the front can be turned down so far, that you can sleep very comfortably. Also, you'll find a lot of cupholders, extremely useful for those big gulp coffees on long-distance trips.

Space for luggage:
The A6 Avant is a miracle of packing space. In the floor under the boot you'll find a lot of space for small things like shoes, towels and similar. The boot itself is very big and it's no problem to stuff in a lot of suitcases and bags. With several nets you can fix the luggage, so that it stays where it is, even if you have to brake very hard.

Positive surprise:
It is very difficult to find anything that surprised us. The expectations that you have when you drive an Audi, were all satisfied. Maybe it is easy to say just one sentence: with the A6 2.7 T we found the car of our dreams.



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