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Car report BMW 525d Touring

Technical Data:
Performance 120kw163 horsepower, 6 cylinders, 4-valve, capacity 2497 ccm, topspeed 134 mph, acceleration 9.4 sec from 0 to 62 mph, fuelage innercity 2.5 gallons.

No matter whether you're on the highway or driving overland - with the BMW 525d Touring you still cruise at speed but also in total comfort. Even if you are driving at speeds of around 125 mph (not that we condone such excess, of course!) it sits calmly on the road and grips easily - you're never wrestling with the steering wheel, but always in effortless control. Unfortunately that often leads to pushing harder on the accelerator, but no matter, at 130 mph an alert beeps and a light flashes on the display to warn you that you're hitting the limits! (you can, of course, still accelerate, but at least you've been warned).

On country roads the 525d is a fun car with good acceleration out of the corners, plus secure handling. Again, you really do have to take care that you don´t drive push too much the 525 always feels willing an up to the job. But you do have cruise control, to remove that leaden foot off the accelerator. That can be switched on and off easily with just the press of a button and with another button you can accelerate or brake. The only disadvantage is the setting of the cruise control, the buttons are located on the front of the steering wheel and you have to stretch your fingers to reach them. People with normal-built hands and normal long thumbs might struggle a bit.

Driving in the city:
Although it is a station wagon the car is very comfortable to drive in the city. At traffic lights it pushes along with lots of power, but even if you are on tiny roads, you won´t have any problems. You don´t need much space to turn, and for parking you have acoustic aids. There are sensors in the front and in the back to warn you if you are too close to other cars or other obstacles. The right rear mirror automatically moves down as sson as you change to reverse gear so can always can keep an eye on the kerb. The only disadvantage is if you want to reverse through a narrow street: the mirror moves down and you're blind. Also if you are used to reversing by looking in the side mirror to estimate the distance to parked cars or walls, you either have to put your head down or look backwards over your shoulder. But it's only a question of getting used to the system.

ICE: In Car Entertainment
The BMW 525d Touring is not just a car but also an entertainment center. The antenna of the radio is so strong that you can tune into local stations even if you're 60 miles away from the broadcast area. Plus you have a list with nearly all the radio stations in Germany - just select and tune in. The cd player has a cd changer, located in the boot, so you have to remember tol load it before you pack your luggage in there. And by paying a little bit more, you even get your own private cinema. The display of the onboard-computer then also can be used as a television, brilliant colors and even TV-text! The car also includes a telephone, next to the driver´s seat. The navigations system can do a lot more than just guiding you from A to B. Traffic jams, detours and any other obstructions are also indicated on the display as on the map shown. The search lists every European country, but outside of Germany, not every small town is available. If you are traveling to a small town, you should know other towns in the area and search for them in the worst case.

Passengers Comfort:
The BMW 525d Touring passed our sleeping-test easily - the back of the passenger seat can be folded down so far that you nearly have a flat surface, and if you switch on the seat-heating it feels like being in your mother´s lap. Everyone has enough legroom, in the front and in the back. However, the location of the cup-holders is not ideal: they are right in front of the controls for the aircondition and under the display of the ICE, so your drinks are always blocking that.

Boot: To cut a long story short: the boot is gigantic! When you first look at it, it doesn´t seem to be so big, but we managed to get everything in - bags, suitcases, boxes. And you have even more space if you remove the covering. It's simple, just press a button and it slips out.

What was a biggest surprise?
There are two things that make life with the BMW 525d Touring really relaxed: If you turn the screen wipers on “interval”, they automatically adjust to the heaviness of the rain. If it is just spitting, the wipers go slow, but if the rainfall becomes steadier, the wipers speed up so you always have the perfect clear view.

The other thing is the boot-door. The key ring not only includes buttons for the doors, but also for the boot. You just press the boot-button and the backdoor opens automatically. That makes your life very easy, for example when you're shopping and have lots of bags. You don’t have to put them on the floor to open the boot - you can place them directly in the car. On the edge of the boot-door, there is another button to close it. No more short arm stretches, no more dirty hands.



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