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The world’s Number One auto racing series on Air in the US

Formula One Radio Reports across the country

Australia, Malaysia, Monaco, Hungary, and Japan are just some of the stops on an around-the-world-trip of over 150,000 miles a year that a journalist makes while covering the Formula One tour. The Pole Position Reports Team takes to the road for more than 100 days each year to bring you exclusive coverage of the complete calendar of races that make up the Formula One World Championship, including the United States Grand Prix at the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The following will give an insight into the team working at Pole Position Reports and their experience in Formula One broadcasting.

Inga Stracke
President of Pole Position Reports and Chief Editor
Still in school at the age of 15 Inga started to write for the local newspaper. Soon after she enrolled at university to study literature, art history and communications, she made her on-air-radio debut at the age of 18. She moved on to television two years later and soon, just a year after receiving her university diploma, founded Pole Position Reports. She was Germany’s first female Formula One pit lane TV reporter and the first to produce an exclusive two-hour, play-by-play radio show from each Formula One Grand Prix, delivered via satellite across the entire US. She is also the F1 chief reporter for the biggest german-language motorsport website

Britta Weddige
PA of management
Britta made her first experience in journalism working for her school paper. But by the time she started at university she already began to work for her local radio station and had aspirations of having a career in broadcasting. She was offered a training position and through her enthusiasm and dedication she soon became the station’s sports editor. At the age of 24 she was promoted and became editor-in-chief. At the same time she started working for Pole Position Reports. She is now editor of


Photos by Th. Melzer


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