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The world’s Number One auto racing series on Air in the US

Formula One Radio Reports across the country

Pole Position Reports is an agency based in Augsburg, Germany. During the past decade Pole Position Reports has been highly successful in developing Formula One radio in Europe and has established itself as the number one specialist motor sport radio broadcasting syndicator in German-speaking Europe. Since 1994, the Pole Position Reports team has been covering each Formula One Grand Prix for print, online media, radio and TV.

“Formula One is the pinnacle of motor sports. To be part of this exciting business and lifestyle is great,” explains Inga Stracke, president of Pole Position Reports. “It’s a very hard job which needs 110% commitment all the time, but it’s also a lot of fun. I enjoy it very much and still get goose bumps when they start the engines before each race. In Germany alone an average of 10.7 million people watch every Grand Prix, up to 70% of the viewers! I am looking forward to continue bringing Formula One's excitement to our listeners in the US!”

13 years ago, Pole Position Reports became the first radio agency to obtain Formula One broadcast rights for German-speaking commercial radio stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Pole Position Reports has been broadcasting from Formlua One Grands Prix ever since.

Pole Position Reports president Inga Stracke has established Formula One broadcasting across a radio network of over 500 radio stations in German-speaking Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), the US and Canada. The audience in Germany alone sums up to nearly 9 million listeners (net/hour) according to the latest evaluation (MA2003). In the US, Pole Position Reports’ Formula One reports are broadcast to a network of over 440 radio stations with a cumulative reach of approx. 13 million listeners.

In 2002, Pole Position Reports was the exclusive production company of the U.S. Formula One Radio Network, created and developed by Andrew Craig and his company TCC. The team of Justin Hynes (commentary), Derek Hill (part time co-commentator/driver expert), Inga Stracke (pitlane interviews), Sibylle Kloser (paddock interviews), Jörg Gruensfelder (studio producer) and Britta Weddige (co-ordination) produced a two-hour play-by-play show across the US with prominent interview guests like Mario Andretti, Phil Hill, Danny Sullivan, Derek Bell, Monaco’s Prince Albert, Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, the Maverick’s Dirk Novitzki and more…

For 2007, Pole Position Reports will be broadcasting once again during the entire season for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US for each of the 17 events which make up the Formula One World Championship, including the United States Grand Prix that takes place at the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Pole Position Reports team reporters cover all events on the Formula One World Championship as well as the Le Mans 24 hours race, selected events from the World Rally Championship, DTM (German Touring cars) the 4-hill ski-jumping tournament and more. Pole Position Reports customers are the major radio stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the US as well as several German, UK and Japanese print magazines such as Bunte, Bravo Sport, Kicker, F1 Racing Grand Prix, GPX, F1.

Inga herself has become quite a TV celebrity with her behind-the-scenes F1 series 'Inga’s World' on German Sports TV Channel DSF and through her prominent position as pit lane interviewer for Germany’s digital TV Premiere. In 2001 and 2002 she was Formula One’s pitlane co-commentator and chief reporter for the Swiss national TV SRDRS. Since 2001, she is also the Formula One expert of Germany’s CNN variant, NTV. In 2003 she was co-host of Chinese television network CCTV’s Formula One broadcast, as the billion-strong nation gears up for this year’s inaugural Chinese Grand Prix.

In addition to the media coverage, Pole Position Reports has carried out PR work for Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, MOBIL 1 and others.

Other companies in Pole Position Reports’ customer portfolio include:
Red Bull, Kombucha, VW, Goodyear, Hugo Boss, Microprose, Malaysian Tourist Board, F1Racing, Shell, Motor Sport Aktuell, DF1/Premiere World (digital TV), BBS, Sun Sports Travel, Asian Adventures, Aloha Classic Wave Championships, H2Audio, Go! Airlines /a Mesa group member), Kadach Supercup Team, Michael Schumacher Print Magazine,, metabox,, Premiere, Grand Prix Tickets, V8Star, Puma, Scion, ADAC, Hockenheimring,...

Aside from Media and PR work, the Pole Position Reports team is involved in the organisation of selected events and parties for F1 society, such as the Red Bull F1 Ladies Trophy and the Red Bull Grand Prix parties.



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